WordPress plugin LiveChat LazucruB

The simple WordPress plugin LiveChat LazucruB allows you to create a chat pop-up window (an example of a window in the lower right corner of this site). It allows the user and the site administrator to communicate; in cases of several administrators, when a user activates a chat, everyone will see this chat, but after one of the admins answers, the others will have no access to it. A user initiating correspondence can be either authorized by a guest of the site. Chat can not be deleted either by the user who started it, or by the administrator who answered it; it will be deleted automatically when the user closes the site tab in the browser, but at the same time, the user can go through the site pages while maintaining the correspondence. The plugin uses cookies and AJAX request technology.


  • Through the admin panel, the panel for loading and activating plugins, download the plugin archive, install and activate the plugin;
  • Go to the newly appeared tab (menu item) “LiveChat> Options” and configure the following items: time between checks for new chats and messages in them, timeout for displaying a modal chat window when a user first loads a page; and the standard window state (maximized or minimized) on displays with a width of less than 480 pixels.




In version 1.6 was added big Customizer.

Login: user

Password: 000